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tradition builds trust.
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Customs declaration services with added value – since 1878

We have stood for professional services centred around your import and export business for over 140 years. In this time, we have proven the values of our family business ten thousand times over: efficiency and continuous optimisation, transparent processes, high security and exceptional flexibility are the the focus of our business. We attach great importance to offering our customers long-term advice and support tailored to their individual needs. Owner and director, Christian A. Engelken, headed the company for over three decades, making it the modern service provider it is today: a still family-run customs clearance business with an operational office in the port of Hamburg, more than 25 employees and state-of-the-art digital communication. Since June 2011, management of the business has rested in the hands of Friederike Engelken and Matthias Bormann, who has worked for the business for many years. We look forward to our first trusting discussion with you!

We are a family-run business committed to providing excellent customer service and implementing a “single point of contact” policy. WZC Riemann stands for professional customs clearance in the field of imports, exports and transit goods. We adapt our processes to your individual service and volume requirements. Our first-class team is always on hand to offer you advice and support!

Friederike Engelken

The WZC Management

Friederike Engelken

Managing Director

Matthias Bormann

Managing Director

Jaana Schwarz

Management Assistant

Coco and Ragnar

chief entertainment officers

Our Import-Team


Detlef Salvers

Bernd Schmidt

Elke Knobloch

Michel Drobny

Gregor Krüger

Bernadette Büsing

Julia Groth

Benjamin Scherer


Our Export-Team


Dominika Günther

Marina Woit

Sylvia Melzer

Irina Bader

Moritz Loewner

Our Transit-Team


Ramona Suhk

Team manager

Jutta Hagelweide-Elvers

Nicole Neumann

Our Accounting-Team

Estella Huck

WZC Riemann Milestones


WZC joins the Customs Support Group



Friederike Engelken becomes the sole shareholder.



Foundation of DCLARE


Friederike Engelken and Matthias Bormann form the management team.


A further family member, Friederike Engelken, joins the business.


The company becomes an initiator and founding member of ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG.


The company name is changed to “Wagenladungs- und Zolldeclarations Comptoir Riemann GmbH & Co. KG” (WZC RIEMANN).


Adalbert Engelken resigns from his post as managing director.


Christian A. Engelken becomes joint owner and managing director on 1 January.


His son, Christian A. Engelken, joins the business as a trained industrial administrator.


Adalbert Engelken becomes the sole owner and managing director of the company.


Following the death of Friedrich Riemann, Werner Justus and Adalbert Engelken succeed him as business owners.


The company becomes “Wagenladungs- und Zolldeclarations Comptoir Riemann & Co”, with Friedrich Riemann as its sole personally liable shareholder.


“Wagenladungs- und Zolldeclarations-Comptoir” completes 11,652 customs declarations in its first year of business alone.


Franz Beran founds a company by the name of “Hamburger Wagenladungs-Comptoir”.

Customs services using state-of-the-art technology

Simplified implementation with AEO C and AEO S authorisation

Since 26/12/2009, WZC RIEMANN has been an “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO), as defined by EU law. This certification demonstrates that we are highly reliable and trustworthy. It grants us access to certain customs clearance privileges that especally benefit our customers.

Our experienced and highly motivated staff are familiar with all manner of import, export and transit clearance procedures. Consultancy services and computer-aided processes are becoming increasingly important alongside traditional customs clearance operations. Using state-of-the-art customs clearance systems, for example ATLAS, NCTS or ZAPP, we provide services for our customers at a national and international level and are able to clear all sea and air freight imports directly at any customs office in Germany.

By participating in regular in-house training sessions and specialist seminars, our staff are always up to date with legal issues as well as data processing systems.

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