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In customs, bureaucracy isn’t just about taking the same familiar route over and over again. It is of the utmost importance to find the shortest way to the destination. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art digital resources, we will find this route for you – if needed, again and again.

We take on all tasks for you in the process from customs clearance to fiscal consulting, so that you can concentrate on the essentials. If so required, we are also happy to advise on optimisation possibilities beyond customs.

Customs release for free circulation

Non-union goods, which are imported into the European Single Market require a customs release for free circulation.

Temporary custody / transfer of custodianship

Transfer into temporary custody is applied when customs goods have to be transported within the area of jurisdiction of Hamburg Customs.

Fiscal representation

A fiscal representative can be appointed if a company from outside of the EU wishes to release goods for free circulation in Germany, however, the import sales tax should be paid in the company’s country of origin.

Filing of customs warehousing declarations

This process is applied to store non-union goods for a specified period under the supervision of the customs service without import duties being levied.

Inward processing

In inward processing, non-union goods are brought into the jurisdiction of European Union customs for the implementation of finishing work (for example repairs) and then exported again.

Outward processing

In outward processing, European Union goods are exported for the implementation of finishing work (for example repairs) and then imported again.

Customs clearance of returned goods

Customs clearance of returned goods must be registered for exported goods of EU origin, which it is necessary to reimport due to special circumstances.

Temporary admission

Temporary admission can be requested for goods, which are imported for a specific purpose or only temporarily and then exported again unchanged.

Household effects/ personal property

Imports can be registered as household effects or personal property if natural persons wish to move their residence to the EU or import EU goods into the EU from inheritance.


In increasingly globalised trade, bureaucratic processes are not always getting easier. In our consultations, we assess your trade routes and procedures from a professional viewpoint and make concrete and practicable suggestions for optimisation to save time and money and make processes more efficient. Creative thinking in bureaucracy? This is a must for our specialist consultants, who find the optimal import route for you and clearly map out all the options.